Javier Aznar González de Rueda — Wildlife and conservation photographer

Javier is a Spanish biologist with a special passion for reptiles, amphibians, and arthropods.

He believes that photography can be a powerful tool for learning and conservation, bringing the poorly understood world of these creatures into closer focus. By means of his pictures he hopes to sensitize the public to the pressing need to preserve wildlife.

To this end, he attempts to highlight the natural habitats in which these animals live, as well as their habits and behaviour.

There is no better way to do this than to travel widely in search of the most fascinating species, and to closely study them in their natural environment. And that is what Javier has done constantly during the last eight years; his quest for unique imagery has taken him to Oman, Costa Rica, Morocco, Peru and throughout his native Spain. The amazing images you will find on this site are the result of this ceaseless odyssey.

Javier currently resides in Ecuador, where he works as a biologist and professional photographer and he has been involved in projects such as Mimo Wao, with the photojournalist Megan Westerbelt.

Javier has collaborated in the international project, Meet Your Neighbours and in other websites, such as Moroccoherps.

He has also participated in various photography contests, like the Nactus Award 2012, Melvita Nature, Oasis Photo Contest, Montphoto, Memorial Maria Luisa, and the Wildlife Photographer of the Year, in which his pictures have occasionally been finalists and winners.

Built upon a sound biological foundation, this website aims to offer a close-up view of nature at its wildest and most fascinating. Join Javier as he reveals the magnificence of the hidden world of creatures that crawl below the horizon of most people - animals that, though nightmarish to some, become more marvellous and fascinating the closer one looks.

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